Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fun with the Fulton Manor Fam!

Showing off my balancing skills in the grocery! My Iphone is great! We take pictures all the time now! Even running errands !

All of us kids in the "Fulton Manor" house made dinner together and then rocked out on our roommates new Rock Band game. It is so fun! Especially the drums!

Pat "Pat Masterson" (his band name) singing his heart out!

Sarah - the genius behind the gourmet hamburgers we grilled!

Me posing as a Drummer!

Pat, Margarita, and Tony...

March Fun!

Nathan and I have a good friend named Paulie who is giving us boxing lessons in Oakland! It is really fun, but geeze I was sore! We met Paulie through our Tuesday night Timothy Disciple Group. We meet for dinner and then the guys study Ephesians (they are translating from the original Greek text!) while the girls pray and have fellowship. It is an awesome group....our family out here! We have been really supported and blessed by the group, and we are all learning to knit!!!
(Just the girls!)
I am making a blue and white cotton scarf!

We went to a convention in San Francisco and then out to dinner at a quaint little French resturant nestled in an alleyway. We walked quite a while to find it but it was worth the wait and messy-directions!

Last week we had friends from Oklahoma come visit while they were in town for a convention in San Francisco, Cat and Roderick Greene. Cat is from Germany and runs for the German Paralymipcs Team and Roderick runs for the US Team. They are super fun and in excellent shape! They were the figure-heads for the company that sponsors them and makes their legs. They are both missing there right shin and foot. Cat even has a leg so she can wear high heels! We went out several nights in a row to spend time with them, and it was great. We even went dancing! You would never know they had prosthetic legs!

We went to Girahidelli Park and got giant ice creams down by Fishermans Warf.
Good times!


Before birth! We had an excellent time over Christmas in KY. We got the pleasure of seeing Abby and Leigha born! It was so nice to be home and hang with my family!