Monday, January 29, 2007

Jan 29 2007

Life is spinning by...literally! Nathan and I started dance practice taught by the Cal competive dance team tonight! It is a semester long prep class for next fall's dance team. So if we do good we could compete next year. Bonus for the meantime: learn some smooth moves for the wedding. :) Tonight we learned the basics of the waltz and the Rumba. NICE! Makes me wanna watch Dirty Dancing!

Back track a bit...2 photos from Nate in the Domican Republic over Christmas, and then one from our late "Swanky Holiday Party 2007" - bringing Christmas back into Winter Break. Except everyone was so busy before Christmas that we had to wait til after. It was still a blast and total success despite the dry and droopy tree. :) We made some awesome appetizers and snacks too! (Nathan and I cooked for like 5 hours! He is quite handy in the kitchen!)

We are working on save the date letters so check your mail at the end of the week. Other good news: the basement flood is well on its way to recovery (sigh of relief) and Nathan and I went to our 2nd premarital class last Thursday.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Here it is...the beginning of our new blog and our new life in California!