Wednesday, September 26, 2007

September Travels...

Go NC State! They are trying to make me a loyal fan still!
So we have been really busy since my last post! Last last weekend we traveled to North Carolina for Aaron and Shauna's wedding. (Nathan's younger brother by a year.) We had an excellent trip but were exhausted afterwards. I did updo's for all the girls in the wedding party and did shauna's hair too. They all came out really well despite the fact that I started on Karen's (the grooms mother) 5 minutes before Shauna was supposed to walk down the aisle! Needless to say the wedding party looked great but we were 15 min late! For the rehearsal dinner we had a cookout and went to an NCState football game.

Last weekend, my sorority sister Rosie Kapp came in for a long weekend (not long enough though!) We had a blast and traveled all over Berkeley and San Francisco for three days straight! (Nathan had to stay home and study though.) We were really excited because we saw all the major tourist attractions possible in two days and then spent the last shopping--and we only "almost" got lost once! We were really proud of our map reading skills! I must admit though that we did as a usps man delivering mail just to make sure we were going the right direction--he giggled so that he almost lost half of his ice cream sandwich out the side of his mouth! We had and excellent time. I highly recommend riding the SF Trolleys. They are quite fun! This weekend we are at home and then next off to NC again for another brothers wedding!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Here is a picture of my new haircut, yay, and a picture of the front of our house. We are in the yellow house and its nickname is "The Fulton Manor." Nathan and my room is the front room to the right of the steps. If you look really hard you can see our white wicker table and chairs where we eat breakfast on lazy mornings so the sun shines on us. Its great! You can also see our three antique rose bushes which weren't blooming yet in this pic. I have some others of the house I can post later, but I've miss placed the folder! Yikes!

Here is my new business logo and the link:
Check it out!!! Very fun and hopefully promising! We had a big BBQ in the b
ack yesterday for lunch and then went to San Francisco for the evening for an event for Nathan's college, Emmanual College, Cambridge that he attended in England. It was really nice to get out of Berkeley and have a night in the city...It always feels like a mini vacay!