Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gates Cambridge Alumni Dinner

The George gang at the Gate's Alumni dinner.

Last weekend, Nathan and his friend Andy planned and coordinated the Annual Gates Cambridge Alumni Dinner. All the scholars in the U.S. that could make it out, gathered at the San Francisco Yacht Club. It was gorgeous. I was lucky enough to get to do all the decor and print media, which was super fun. Bill & Melinda Gates weren't able to make it (they were invited thought!), but everyone else was very fun and engaging.

This is how I designed the tables and programs. I made the centerpieces out of succulents and blue satin fabric.

The food was really good to as you can see! It was a totally huge success and very great experience all together!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Napa and the Vineyards of St. Supery

Aaron and Shauna came to visit us from NC. (nathan's bro & his wife) We had a great time with them in Napa and went to St. Supery's Vineyard and winery.

We were lucky enough to actually see them harvesting the grapes and beginning the wine making process. We even got to go out into the fields and pick grapes off of the rows. Really makes the whole verse about the vine and branches really become clear.

John Mackenwho?

This summer we also went and saw our other pro athlete friend play tennis: Patrick Briaud. It was an extremely fun tournament in Sacramento where Pat's team actually beat John McEnroe and his team! It was great fun and we were super proud of Pat and his New York Buzz team. (note the pretty white hats!)

Hamilton Machine...& Baseball

Quite Frequently this summer we have gone to watch Josh Hamilton play baseball. He is an outfielder for the Texas Rangers. Nathan played ball with him as a kid. Josh is quite a guy with quite a story. A testament of faith to say the least and a genuine guy. We enjoyed watching him play and chatting afterwards every time the A's faced the Rangers. Sad to say we only got to see Joseph Blanton once with the A's before he got traded.