Monday, February 16, 2009

HOME for Christmas!

Christmas was great this year. I think I like it more and more if that is possible.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Mount Carmel, Mount Arbel, Armaggedon Valley

On top of Mount Arbel. Close toe the Valley of the Doves leading down to and overlooking the Sea of Galilee. There were tons of zealot caves dug into white faced cliffs. It was really amazing. Lesson learned here: "Build God's Kingdom & Not My Own!" Eg: Simon Peter. Peter was saved by his faith and decided to follow Jesus. BUT then the next day he was right back in the fishing boat going about his life as usual. He was supposed to start fishing for men, but went back to his routine. He wasn't catching anything. Then Jesus caught up with him, told him to try the other side of the boat and they pull in a TON of fish. SO much they almost sank! That event really changed Simon Peter and he understood his mission was no longer among the waves, but among men. A hard thing to accept! How was he going to provide for his family and himself. He had to quit he day job, you know! Same with us and myself. It's much easier for me to simply work day to day as a designer in my office. It is easy, fun, and doesn't require the faith needed to "lay down our own nets and walk with Jesus.

Overlooking the Sea of Galille.
Picture coming later show us hiking down from up here!!!

The Armaggedon Valley looking down from Mount Carmel.

Mt. Carmel. A pretty intense place. Where Elijah burnt his sacrifice and the killed all the Baal servants and prophets and then demanded that Isreal follow God as the one true God and live with out doubt, or waviering.

Pictures Pictures and more Pictures!

So I finally got all the good shots from Israel uploaded to facebook. It was much faster than blogging them here. I will get to this part eventually... =) For now though you can check out the pictures on my profile. Yippe!

This sweet lady gave Nathan a free coke at lunch because she thought he was cute. =) I agree!

Herod Aggrippa's amphitheater. Beside his huge palace. This is where he sat and got the worms which later ate him alive! Ew!!! That's what you get when your country worships you as god instead of worshiping the one true God!

Herod's ocean front pool. Must have been beautiful! Same place as where Paul was in prison for two years - Acts 9-10
Note from Paul's life - he was a peppery debater and not such a great listener. In contrast to his approach to spreading the gospel, we are called to be the salt and light of the world. Not the pepper burns the skin and pushes people away!
Maybe that is why I put salt on everything!!! (Just kidding=)

Two fishermen pulling in their nets just like the disciples' method. Except one of these guys was sporting a speedo!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cesceraea Maritima and The Sea of Galilee

We drove from Tele-Aviv up to Ceserea Maritima. This was an aquaduct from Mount Carmel (where Abraham almost sacrificed Issac) that Herod built to bring water down to Ceserea. 2000 years old!

The proper FIG LEAF.

Outside of our kabutz - our hotel on the side of the the Sea of Galilee. This was my favorite spot of the whole trip. Every morning at the kabutz we got up early and ran up and down along the shore and watched the sunrise over the mountains. It was so peaceful and calm. Perfectly serene. No wonder God calls this His chosen land. I miss the kabutz. Even though is was a bit rustic it's character and peacefulness was unbeatable.

Israel Adventure Day 1 & 2

Away we go!!!
A journey of a lifetime...
I will do my best to share all the goodies, and hope my little blog will convey the thrill and excitement of this amazing, unforgettable trip.

Tele-Aviv, Israel - the view from our hotel Dan Panorama.Atop of Mount Arbel overlooking the Sea of Galilee.

Joppa - 10 min walk from Tele-Aviv.
Off the shore of Jonah's famous whale-belly swim! And Simon the Tanner's house.

Overlooking Tele-Aviv from the Sea of Galilee. It was beautiful. No wonder so many people go to the Med. Sea for vacations. :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gatlinburg in the Fall : My Favorite Time of Year!

My favorite things about fall: Gatlinburg, TN, leaves changing color, caramel apples, brisk cool air, cozy sweaters, making pumpkin bread with my Dad, shopping for Christmas... and playing games with my hubby like a 6 yr old instead of a 26 yr old! Did I mention that I won???

We had an excellent trip to the mountains, 16 of us in one cabin with 2 babies, a toddler, a 7 year old and half a dozen adults who still act like kids. It was great family time and a chance to rest and relax like we all needed!!!

A glimps of our know its not just a shack in the woods when it has a dozen bright green emergency exit signs...

Oh! The joys of the nasty smelling Fanny Farkle!

After many days of stressful marathon shopping (in hopes of boosting the large economic downturn,) the girls sat on the porch and contemplated the serious problems of the world...and how our recent purchases could benefit mankind... :)

Nathan and I celebrated our birthdays with ice cream cake in the cabin after an excellent dinner in downtown Gatlinburg at the Peddler.
Talk about an excellent steak!

The whole crew...a wild bunch to say the least!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gates Cambridge Alumni Dinner

The George gang at the Gate's Alumni dinner.

Last weekend, Nathan and his friend Andy planned and coordinated the Annual Gates Cambridge Alumni Dinner. All the scholars in the U.S. that could make it out, gathered at the San Francisco Yacht Club. It was gorgeous. I was lucky enough to get to do all the decor and print media, which was super fun. Bill & Melinda Gates weren't able to make it (they were invited thought!), but everyone else was very fun and engaging.

This is how I designed the tables and programs. I made the centerpieces out of succulents and blue satin fabric.

The food was really good to as you can see! It was a totally huge success and very great experience all together!