Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gates Cambridge Alumni Dinner

The George gang at the Gate's Alumni dinner.

Last weekend, Nathan and his friend Andy planned and coordinated the Annual Gates Cambridge Alumni Dinner. All the scholars in the U.S. that could make it out, gathered at the San Francisco Yacht Club. It was gorgeous. I was lucky enough to get to do all the decor and print media, which was super fun. Bill & Melinda Gates weren't able to make it (they were invited thought!), but everyone else was very fun and engaging.

This is how I designed the tables and programs. I made the centerpieces out of succulents and blue satin fabric.

The food was really good to as you can see! It was a totally huge success and very great experience all together!

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Stina said...

I got a peek at the print work - nice!

Love that pic of you and the bay.