Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gatlinburg in the Fall : My Favorite Time of Year!

My favorite things about fall: Gatlinburg, TN, leaves changing color, caramel apples, brisk cool air, cozy sweaters, making pumpkin bread with my Dad, shopping for Christmas... and playing games with my hubby like a 6 yr old instead of a 26 yr old! Did I mention that I won???

We had an excellent trip to the mountains, 16 of us in one cabin with 2 babies, a toddler, a 7 year old and half a dozen adults who still act like kids. It was great family time and a chance to rest and relax like we all needed!!!

A glimps of our cabin...you know its not just a shack in the woods when it has a dozen bright green emergency exit signs...

Oh! The joys of the nasty smelling Fanny Farkle!

After many days of stressful marathon shopping (in hopes of boosting the large economic downturn,) the girls sat on the porch and contemplated the serious problems of the world...and how our recent purchases could benefit mankind... :)

Nathan and I celebrated our birthdays with ice cream cake in the cabin after an excellent dinner in downtown Gatlinburg at the Peddler.
Talk about an excellent steak!

The whole crew...a wild bunch to say the least!